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Who Is SaraJazz?

Hi! I'm SaraJazz and I'm a musician and content creator. You can find my online content on all social medias, but mainly on Twitch and YouTube.

If you've never seen me before and are interested in nonsense, games, comedy, and music - watch the video on the left to get absolutely no questions answered!

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Aaaand we're on the road again. First we're going to Vegas for a business event and then San Diego for TwitchCon.

Normally there's a jam session on Sunday nights after TwitchCon for music streamers. This year that doesn't seem to be the case.

Does anyone know of a room or place in San Diego where we could maybe organize it? We will bring a PA and all tech, so all we need is a place.

Last day of 50% OFF my VIP pages. Subscribe now to get half off my spiciest and hottest exclusive content out there! Link in bio 😊

Thank you all so so so much for the lurks, chats, raids, subs, and donations tonight. Y'all are the MVPs. Thank you ❤️

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Music Exposed

Together with The Silence Noise, we expose the hottest music and creative live stream artists.  Every other Saturday, we highlight a specific streaming artist along with a Bulletin Board featuring new releases from the streaming world.


Deception is a Twitch game show/reality competition hosted by The Silence Noise and I that rewards humor, skill, improvisation, and cunning as contestants vie to be the last person standing in a field of talented streamers.


What Other Streamers Won't Talk About

Hosted a few times a month on the channel, What Other Streamers Won't Talk About is an irreverent, highly relevant, and modern talk show focused on topics that matter to the internet and social media.